Jalandhar Rural SSP Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar has been fined by the High Court, know what the matter is Jalandhar Rural SSP Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar fined by High Court Know in Punjabi Punjabi news


A big news has come out about Jalandhar village SSP Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar. According to the information received, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has imposed a fine while reprimanding the SSP. Actually, this reprimand was given by the police for not showing sensitivity in the case of fraud.

It is being told that a petition for bail was filed by the father and son for the third time in this case, who reached the High Court for bail. After the hearing, the High Court said that the SSP will have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 each from his own pocket to the father and son.

The police are investigating the fraud case

Gursharan Singh, who reached the High Court, said that the police is investigating the case of fraud. Gursharan was found innocent in this case. Gursharan said- Even after being found innocent, his name was repeatedly dragged in this case. Due to which the victim filed a bail petition in the High Court. In the previous petition, the police had assured to take appropriate action in this case. But it didn’t happen. The petitioner said that he is being harassed by the police. Because of which he had to seek refuge in the High Court again. The order of the High Court was disobeyed three times.

The High Court took notice of the matter

When the victim was not heard for the third time, the High Court took cognizance of the case and made a strong comment on the Jalandhar rural police. He said that this is an insensitive action of the Jalandhar rural police. Because of which the victim has to seek refuge in the High Court for the third time. The High Court said that such an attitude can adversely affect the petitioner’s career and such a court never wants. In such a case, the SSP will pay a fine of Rs 5,000 to the victims from their own pocket. It should be said that in the previous hearing, the court had granted bail to the petitioners.