It will be difficult for criminals to get bail in Canada


Bill C-48: Bill C-48 was introduced in the House of Commons of Canada under which some changes will be made in the bail system of the Criminal Code. Through this bill introduced by Justice Minister David Lamety, five specific changes have been proposed in the Criminal Code.

According to this bill, bail conditions will be tightened for those who have been convicted of serious violent crimes involving firearms within the last five years. Bail will be tightened for repeat offenders with firearms, beer spray, knives and weapons-related violence. The court will take into account the criminal record and the safety of the community before granting bail to any accused.

It is to be mentioned that steps have been taken to make it stricter that many such cases have come to light in the past in which violent incidents have been committed by the criminals who came out on bail. It was being demanded by the people that the conditions for granting bail to the accused who commit crimes repeatedly should be strict.

The biggest change in Bill C-48 would put the onus on some accused to show why they should be granted bail, rather than requiring the prosecution to justify why they shouldn’t. Known as reverse onus, this measure already applies to some firearms offenses.

Judges will be required to consider a person’s record of violent crimes, and will be required to state on the record that they have taken the safety of victims and the community into account when deciding on bail. And there will be a review after five years to determine the effects of the changes to the bill, which still needs to be debated and voted on in parliament.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilivre called the proposed changes weak and ineffective. Randall McKenzie, charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Ontario Provincial Police officer Greg Pierzchla last December, faces a charge of not guilty of previous violent crimes and still gets bail, Mr. Polivray said. told a news conference.

The question now will be how Canada’s independent judges and justices of the peace will respond to the strong message of the proposed new law. Reasonable bail is a constitutional right.

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