It will be a shame if you sit silent… The announcement of revenge from the mosques of Jerusalem, after the attack on the hospital, there will be a war!

After Israel’s air attack on a hospital in Gaza, there is tremendous anger in Islamic countries. Massive protests are taking place in many countries including Jordan, Beirut, Tehran, Syria, Jenin and Baghdad. Terrible shooting is happening in Jerusalem. Provocative announcements are being made from mosques in Jerusalem. Announcements are being made from the mosques that now everyone will have to go to the battlefield. It would be a shame if we remained silent now. Protesting against the hospital bombing, the mosques of Jenin announced that we must unite against the massacre of civilians.

After the air attack on the hospital, this war has flared up. Protests are taking place outside Israeli embassies in Ankara, Amman, Beirut and Baghdad over the attack. There has been a fierce clash between security forces and protesters in Jordan. Let us tell you that more than 500 people have died in an Israeli air attack on a hospital. Many countries in the Middle East that support Palestine are angry after this attack. All countries have strongly condemned this attack by Israel. Palestine has said that Israel should be held accountable for this crime.

Who said what about the attack?

Egypt has strongly condemned Israel’s airstrike on a hospital in Gaza. He said that this is a flagrant violation of international law. At the same time, Iran said that the result of the Israeli airstrikes was that unarmed and helpless people were killed. Turkey has said that Israel will be held accountable under international law for this attack.

Syria has described the attack as the most heinous, bloodiest massacre against humanity. Saudi Arabia has said that this is a violation of all international laws and regulations. Jordan said the attack was a war crime. At the same time, now it is Hezbollah’s turn to openly express its anger. This commander has asked people to come out of their houses. Lebanon has said that we are ready for this war.