IPL Retention: The old 8 IPL teams will announce the retained players today


The countdown to IPL 2022 has started today (November 30, 2021). Before the mega auction for the new season of IPL starts next year, the old 8 teams will announce their retained players today.

ipl 2022 players retention
ipl 2022 players retention

Although the names of the players retained by some of the big teams have been revealed, they have not been officially announced yet. Today, these 8 teams will announce the names of their retained players. The current 8 franchises of the IPL will have to inform the BCCI by Tuesday about the names of the retained players.

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A team can retain a maximum of 4 players from the current team. This number is 1 more than the 2018 auction. Any team can have a maximum of 3 Indian and 2 foreign players out of 4 retained players. It is also pertinent to mention here that the team which retains 4 players will have to reduce its bid by Rs 42 crore out of the total budget of Rs 90 crore. On the other hand, a team retaining three players will lose Rs 33 crore. The team retaining 2 players will have to deduct Rs 24 crore while the team retaining 1 player will have to deduct Rs 14 crore. The announcement of the roster for IPL 2022 will start on Tuesday, November 30 at 9:30 pm.

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