International Men’s Day: Shardha Kapoor shared these photos with father and brother

shraddha kapoor shares photo: Bollywood actress Shardha Kapoor is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood. He has millions of followers on social media. One of his posts is rapidly going viral on social media.

shraddha kapoor shares photo

Today, on International Men’s Day, he posted two pictures on social media. She has posted these pictures for her special ones, whom she loves and trusts the most. Shardha has shared photos with her father Shakti Kapoor and brother Siddhant Kapoor, in which she looks extremely beautiful. It can be seen in the pictures that she is not only so close to him in her personal life but also considers him ‘special’.

Along with these pictures, Shardha has also written an emotional post for her father and brother. She writes, “In real life, the right person is one who faces all sorts of difficulties in life, yet knows how to forgive people and stands up for everyone’s suffering.” And I’m proud to have these two people in my life. “The people I love Like I know. ”

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Famous actress Archana Puran Singh is also social The media She is very active on TV and is closely associated with her sons Aryaman Sethi and Ayushman Sethi. On this occasion he also shared an emotional post and wrote that who says a man does not have pain? My husband and my son are both sensitive and kind people who are not afraid to shed tears. It adds both respect and love to him in my eyes.

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