Indian Embassy in Brisbane forcibly closed by Khalistanis, police did not take action


Brisbane. Khalistan supporters once again attacked the Indian Consulate in Brisbane, Australia. Last time in February, the Khalistani flag was hoisted here and now the Khalistan supporters gathered outside the embassy and forced it to be closed. Queensland Police has said that such demonstrations and gatherings were not allowed. The police did not stop the uproar in the embassy premises. Here, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said in New Delhi on March 11 that any act of extremism or attacks on any religious building in Australia will not be tolerated. The attacks on Hindu temples will be investigated and the police will do their job.

Here, troubled by the ruckus of Khalistan supporters, Parvinder Singh, a resident of Queensland, told the media that there was work in the embassy regarding his younger son’s Overseas Citizen of India card, but it has been closed here. What will happen now? Common citizen Parvinder Singh said that such demonstrations, sloganeering and stoppage of work should not be allowed in Australia. Here even when we go to the Gurudwara, we are threatened. These Khalistan supporters are interfering in our daily work. There is a need to deal with them with full force.

Indian consulate had to be closed due to security reasons
Sarah L Gates, director of Hindu Human Rights in Brisbane, said the Indian consulate was forced to close today due to security concerns after Sikhs for Justice targeted her with their propaganda. On the other hand, Mrs. Archana Singh, Honorary Consul of India in Brisbane, found the Khalistan flag in her office on 22 February. On this, Mrs. Singh informed the Queensland Police, who confiscated the flag. Honorary Consul Archana Singh said, ‘Police are monitoring the area to keep us safe. We have full faith in the police administration.

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