In the year 2021, people bought houses fiercely, there was a 71 percent jump in sales


House Sale Increase: There has also been an increase in the sale of houses in the year 2021. In the top 7 cities of the country, sales of houses have increased by 71 percent to 2,36,530 units as compared to last year. However, the demand for houses is still 10 percent less than the pre-Covid level. Property advisory company Anarock Company has given information about this.

1,38,350 homes were sold in 2020
According to the report, 1,38,350 residential units were sold in the year 2020 and a total of 2,61,358 units were sold in 2019.

Know why there was a boom in the sale of houses
Mumbai-based company Anarock reported that housing sales are increasing due to lower interest rates on home loans, strong demand, increase in home ownership aspirations and discounts offered by builders along with reduction in stamp duty by some states, including Maharashtra. Is.

The company’s chairman gave information
Anarock Chairman Anuj Puri said, “If the corona virus epidemic remains under control, then based on the performance of 2021, it can be said that the growth in 2022 will be satisfactory.” Due to increased demand in view of festivals and other positive factors, The fourth quarter contributed about 39 per cent of the total sales during the previous year.

Sales increased in Mumbai and Hyderabad
According to Anarock’s annual data, residential sales in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region grew by 72 per cent to 76,400 units in 2021 from 44,320 units in the previous year. Home sales in Hyderabad increased three times to 25,410 units last year. At the same time, in 2020 this figure was 8,560.

73 percent increase in Delhi
Apart from this, if we talk about Delhi-NCR, 40,050 units were sold here in the year 2021 with a growth of 73 percent. At the same time, in 2020 this figure was of 23,210 units.

Know the condition of other metros?
Pune sold 35,980 units in 2021 with a growth of 53 per cent. In 2020 this figure was 23,460 units. In Bengaluru, 33,080 houses were sold in 2021 with a growth of 33 per cent. In 2020, 24,910 houses were sold. Chennai sold 12,530 units in 2021 with an increase of 86 per cent. In 2020, this figure was 6,740 units. Kolkata sold 13,080 units in 2021. In 2020 this figure was 7,150.

Puri expressed hope that sales will reach pre-Covid levels in 2022. “Property prices may increase by 5-8 per cent due to cost pressures and supply chain issues,” he said. New projects have reached pre-Covid 2019 levels. The number of new residential units in 2019 stood at 2,36,570.

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