In the name of blasphemy in Pakistan, the mob again became uncontrollable, this time a Shia scholar was attacked

Lahore: An angry mob attacked and injured a Shia scholar over the alleged burning of pages of a religious book in Pakistan’s Punjab province, while a middle-aged man was earlier accused of blasphemy. And a mentally ill person was beaten to death with stones.

About a dozen people armed with sticks, sticks, bricks and other objects surrounded the scholar’s house for alleged blasphemy, police officer Mubashar Macan said at Tandlianwala in Faisalabad district, about 180 km from Lahore. However, the police who reached the spot saved them.

Police took the scholar to an unknown place
After the incident, the police has taken the scholar to an unknown place and his family has also been shifted to another place due to security reasons. It is noteworthy that in the last two months, two people have been killed in mob violence in Punjab state.

On Saturday also, a mentally ill person named Mustaq Ahmed, a resident of Bara Chak village, was stoned to death by a mob of about 300 people for allegedly insulting the Holy Quran in the forest of Derawala village of Khanewal district. was hung on a tree.

A senior Punjab Police official said, “Police have arrested a total of 105 people, including 21 prime suspects, in the Khanewal mob violence case.”

The police officer said, “We will ensure that the suspects involved in the incident are arrested and the trial against them starts at the earliest in the Anti-Terrorism Court.” But shared that those involved in this heinous crime will be brought to justice.

A Sri Lankan national was killed by a mob in December
At the same time, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, president of the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party, has demanded a transparent investigation into the matter. Significantly, this incident is reminiscent of the incident in Sialkot in December in which the body was set ablaze after a mob lynched Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara (47) on charges of blasphemy. .

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