In Punjab, onions will be available at the rate of Rs 25 per kg, every person will be able to buy 4 kg onions by showing Aadhaar card. Onion price will be 25 rupees per kg in Punjab know in Punjabi Punjabi news

Onion prices are skyrocketing during the festive season. Onion is selling at Rs 70 to 75 per kg in the markets. In view of this, the Punjab government has decided to sell onions at Rs 25 per kg in the markets of Punjab. It was started on Monday from Maksoud Mandi in Jalandhar. The above relief is being given to the people by the Central Government on behalf of the National Cooperative Consumers Federation.

Official Deepak, who reached Maksud Mandi, said that a maximum of 4 kg of onion will be given on Aadhaar card at the rate of Rs 25 per kg per person. This stall will be set up outside Shop No. 78 in Fal Mandi of Maksuds Sabzi Mandi. Onions will be sold at concessional rates at 9 am.

Burden on people due to rising onion prices

Let us tell you that the prices of onions are touching the sky in October. Earlier it was priced at Rs 55 and now it has come down from Rs 70 to Rs 80. But with the relief given by the government, the people have got a lot of help. Considering the festive season, the prices of onions can disrupt people’s budgets.

Prices will drop when Afghan onions reach the market

According to traders, the largest crop of onion has come from Nashik and Rajasthan. But now the crops had stopped growing there. Due to which the rates have increased. Therefore, only after the delivery of onions from Afghanistan, there were speculations about the fall in prices. Meanwhile, under the said scheme of the central government, people will be given relief by giving onions at the rate of 25 rupees per kg.