In Kharar, not two girls but a boy and a girl got married, know what is the whole matter? Punjabi news


Punjab News This morning, a very strange news in the media of Punjab remained in the headlines for a long time. The news was that after the marriage of two girls in Bathinda now the manuscript (Khrar) Such a marriage was conducted in the Gurdwara of But this news was not completely true. After the news was published, there has been a big revelation in this case.

When this wedding photo social media (Social media) And when it went viral, it came to know that these two girls did not know that the girl and the boy were married. After getting married, the couple filed a plea for protection in the High Court.

On the other hand, the Granthi of Gurdwara Sahib has also completely rejected the matter of marriage between two girls. In this regard, they have also kept the Aadhaar cards of the boy and the girl in their records. While there was talk of two girls getting married in the media since morning. Along with this, Jalandhar rural SSP Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar said that this is a clerical error.

A boy and a girl are married – lawyer

Sanjeev Virak, the petitioner’s lawyer in the case, has said that he has filed the petition in the Hon’ble High Court. In it, they have posted the wedding photos of a boy and a girl. There is no case of two girls marrying each other.

Kaur is written behind the names of both in the court order

Kaur has been written after the names of both the petitioners in the orders issued by the court in this case. Due to this, it seems to be a case of marriage of two girls. In the order, the names of the petitioners are written as Ranjit Kaur and Mandeep Kaur. In which the age of both is stated to be 25 years and 29 years. Through this order, instructions have been given to provide security to the SSP of Jalandhar.

The boy is already married

According to police sources, this information has now come out in the right sense and it is being told that not both the girls, but the boy and the girl got married. Both of them were feeling threatened by their own family. Due to this, they reached the High Court. However, the copy of the order of the Hon’ble Court was brought out, in which the name of the girl was written and not that of the boy.