IMD told when monsoon will enter the country

IMD Update on Monsoon: These days the country is in the grip of terrible heat. The temperature is continuously rising. In such a case, only rain can give relief from this heat. But, the latest update from the weather department may disturb you. In fact, IMD has released a new update on this year’s monsoon.

According to the Meteorological Department, there may be a delay in the arrival of monsoon in the country. Monsoon usually enters Kerala by June 1. But, this time it will knock on June 4. Delay in monsoon is not good news for both agriculture and common people.

IMD Monsoon Forecast

Monsoon season will start soon. The Meteorological Department (IMD) had said in its earlier forecast that monsoon may remain normal in the country this year. The average annual rainfall is estimated to be 96%. Monsoon usually hits Kerala on 1st June. But, this time the effect of El Nino can be seen. Currently, in a new update, the Meteorological Department believes that the monsoon can knock by June 4. However, it is also likely to be delayed further.

Skymet also predicted delays

Skymet, a private agency that issues weather reports, has also predicted a delay in the monsoon. Skymet says that monsoon may be delayed this year.

According to Jatin Singh, founder-director of Skymet, north India may see a change in weather on May 18. However, according to the 15-day forecast, the onset of monsoon may be weak. Along with this there is a possibility of delay.

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