If you fail the fitness test twice, your car will go straight to the junk


Aspiring vehicles of Central Government for making Kanchan from garbage Scraping under scrap policy The rules relating to setting up of the center have come into force from September 25.

Under this, if your old vehicle fails the fitness test twice, it will go straight to the junk. However, once the vehicle fails the fitness test, you can re-test it by paying the required fee.

fail the fitness test twice
fail the fitness test twice

Under the new rules, if you are not satisfied with the results of the fitness test, the vehicle owner can appeal by paying the required fee. The authority may order a partial or complete inspection of the vehicle within 15 days from the date of filing the appeal. If the vehicle is found fit in this fitness test, the Appellate Authority may issue a fitness certificate for such vehicles. The decision of the Appellate Authority shall be final and binding. As a rule, commercial vehicles are required to take a fitness test every two years for 8 years. Vehicles older than 8 years are subject to fitness tests each year. In addition, the registration of private vehicles is renewed after 15 years and their fitness is checked at the same time. They are then subjected to a fitness test five years after the defeat.

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