Hungary to Restrict Visas for Foreign Temporary Workers


The Hungarian Ministry of Economy has said that the country will restrict the number of work visas issued to foreign temporary workers.

Announcing the governmentโ€™s plans, the Ministry said that this year, the country will issue only 65,000 visas for temporary workers from non-European Union countries, reports.

In addition to limiting the number of visas issued for temporary workers outside the EU, the Ministry revealed that the government will also ban them from taking up jobs in certain sectors.

As Reuters explains, the governmentโ€™s move to ban foreign temporary workers from certain professions comes in an attempt to protect local jobs, thus giving the opportunity for the citizens of the country to be employed first.

The decision of Hungary to introduce limitations on the number of foreign workers that will be granted a visa for temporary work in the country was made due to the countryโ€™s current state of economy.

The government has been called to make changes that would help Hungary revive its economy, which has been hit hard by inflation.

According to Reuters, the government has made a list consisting of around 300 jobs which nationals of non-EU workers will not be allowed to take. The list includes jobs like photographer, vineyard worker, and elevator mechanic, among many others.

Commenting on the new rules, the Hungarian Ministry of Economy said that the government wants to protect Hungarian jobs and families. The same stressed that it would be possible for foreign workers to fill open positions only if there are no qualified Hungarian workers.

By law, it is only possible to hire foreign workers if there are no Hungarian workers to fill the vacancies.

Hungarian Ministry of Economy

Data show that between September and November of last year, the unemployment rate in Hungary stood at 4.3 per cent. Taking this into account, the county wants to give opportunities to its citizens first and then hire foreign workers to fill in jobs in sectors facing shortages.

Earlier in November 2023, the Hungarian Ministry of Interior said that the country also plans to target mass migration by not giving employment to foreign nationals.

It further noted that the country also aims to clarify the eligibility criteria for residing in Hungary for work purposes. Moreover, it was noted that the period of stay of foreign workers in the country will be strictly limited.


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