Huawei is bringing the wireless car, know when it will be launched


Chinese electronics giant Huawei Technology has set a goal of developing driverless passenger car technology by 2025. There are many companies around the world.

Those who are working on driverless car technology, but really No such company Does not have a presence in the driverless car market, as this technology is still in its infancy, so it can be fully applied in cars. It will take time to get them and get them off the road.

Let me tell you that Huawei’s goal is to grow the company. A company executive said Thursday that Huawei will have to diversify its business as the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker is subject to US sanctions.

Huawei is bringing the wireless car
Huawei is bringing the wireless car

Dozens of startups, automakers and major tech firms such as Internet search leader Baidu Inc. (9888.HK) Are accelerating work on self-driving vehicle systems that are expected to revolutionize the transportation industry.

Huawei has turned to smart electric vehicles after US sanctions affected its global smartphone business. The previous Donald Trump administration had described the Huawei technology company as a threat to US national security. However, Huawei Technology has vehemently denied the Trump administration’s allegations.

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