How to make diy face serum to remove pigmentation with lemon and orange peels follow skin care tips


You can do home remedies to reduce pigmentation.
Ignoring pigmentation can cause harm.

How To Remove Pigmentation: The more spotless the face, the more beautiful the skin will look. But with ageing, people often face the problem of pigmentation on the face and spots are formed all over the face. Actually, pigmentation is the spots on the skin which leave deep marks on the face. Although its treatment is possible, but these treatments are very expensive and they can also have side effects. In such a situation, if you want to remove pigmentation spots naturally at home, then here we have brought DIY face serum for you, with the help of which you can improve the face and remove the spots in a few days. Are.

Ingredients to Make DIY Face Serum
To make this, you will mainly need one orange and one lemon. Apart from this, you can also use rose water, aloe vera gel.

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