How to live Longer Healthier Happier Life without disease 5 sleeping tips to increase your lifespan


People who got enough sleep even five days a week were 30 percent less likely to die prematurely than others.
Harvard University researchers have given 5 easy tips for good sleep

Tips to Increase Lifespan: If you ask a doctor what are the secrets of living a long life, the first thing the doctor will say is to leave bad habits and adopt good habits. The first thing that is included in good habits is sleep. If a person gets good sleep, then it is more likely that he will get less diseases and he will also live longer. Due to the dirty habit of sleeping in America, 8 percent of the deaths happen prematurely. So if your sleeping habit is correct then definitely you will live longer.

According to Harvard Medical Research, if there is not enough sleep then many types of diseases have to be faced. This causes cancer and coronary artery disease. That’s why researchers at Harvard University have given 5 easy tips for good sleep, with the help of which life can be easily extended by 5 years.

These are 5 easy tips to prolong life
1. Take a restful sleep of 7 to 8 hours continuously every night.
2. Disturbances during deep sleep should not occur more than two days in a week under any circumstances.
3. There should be no difficulty in sleeping more than two days in a week.
4. You don’t have to take sleeping medicine to sleep at night.
5. At least 5 days in a week, when you wake up from sleep, you should not feel any kind of tiredness or discomfort in the body.

How do these tips work
Harvard University researchers have developed these tips based on the analysis of data related to sleeping habits of 1.72 lakh people between 2013 and 2018. Researchers found that 30 percent of these people do not even get the required 7 hours of sleep. The study found that people who got enough sleep even five days a week were 30 percent less likely to die prematurely than others. Only the good habit of sleeping made them capable of living for long. It was also revealed in the study that men who followed the formula of five days a week got more benefits than women. Earlier studies had found that many heart-related diseases occur due to lack of sleep. Principal researcher Dr. Frank Qian said that research has proved that good sleep is the secret of good health. If you take quality sleep, not only will the risk of cardiovascular diseases reduce, but you will also live longer.

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