How to apply for old age pension sitting at home online, what documents will be required, know everything here


Photo: CANVA How to apply old age pension sitting at home

People can take advantage of government schemes if there is no income from anywhere after retirement. There are many such schemes for senior citizens through which you get financial assistance. If you do not want to depend on the family, then you can apply online old age pension sitting at home. After applying in this, you are given some money every month as assistance from the government. You can easily use this money for living. Do know also which documents are needed to apply for old age pension online.

Eligibility to Apply Online Old Age Pension

Online old age pension can be applied only by those people who are eligible for it. Old age pension can only be availed by old aged people. For this, the age limit has been fixed at 60 years. Apart from this, it is necessary to be a citizen of India. People from abroad cannot take advantage of this scheme. An account can be opened in any nationalized bank to get the assistance amount. If you already have a bank account, then it is very easy to link it too.

Documents required to apply for old age pension online

  1. Some documents are necessary to apply for old age pension online.
  2. Passport size photograph is required while filling the form.
  3. Do keep a certificate and Aadhaar card with you.
  4. For age proof, birth certificate or any document from which age can be known.
  5. Voter ID card, if you have it, can be given for this address proof.
  6. At last attach the bank passbook.
  7. A mobile number may be required for OTP while registering.

Follow these steps to apply for old age pension online

  1. To apply for old age pension online Visit website.
  2. You will see many options on this website, out of these click on Old Age Pension Scheme.
  3. Instead of Uttar Pradesh, visit the website of the state for which you are applying.
  4. Similarly, separate websites are available for all the states.
  5. In the Old Age Pension Scheme section, you will get information about how to apply online.
  6. Tap on Apply Online in it. After this select ‘New Entry Form’.

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