How over tiredness ruins your sleep know how to solve this issue deep sleep 3 tips

Overtiredness & Sleep: Your whole day has been very tiring both mentally and physically. In such a situation, you want to relax yourself in every way by taking long and deep sleep. Many times you must have felt that at this time your mind starts troubling you and does not let you sleep. Different thoughts start coming in your mind and you keep changing sides. Many times you start watching your favorite programs on TV, mobile or tab to stop the thoughts. Overall you can’t sleep. Your brain prevents you from sleeping at the exact time when your brain and body need it the most.

This happens because you are ‘too tired’ to fall asleep. You must have ever seen that when small children wake up more than their body’s capacity, then they start having trouble sleeping. This happens with them due to reaching a state of ‘extreme fatigue’. The same problem can happen in youth and old people. However, uncontrolled emotions in them block the default shutdown program of the body. That’s why they do not get sleep due to excessive fatigue. If you are constantly very tired, then going to sleep will become more and more difficult. Here we are telling three such methods based on scientific research, by adopting which you can go to sleep easily even when you are very tired.

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How does excessive fatigue spoil sleep?
First of all, let us understand how excessive fatigue spoils your sleep. According to experts, being extremely tired is the worst paradox. In this you want to give rest to the body and it becomes difficult for you to sleep. While you may feel extremely tired from physical and mental exertion, your brain is actually in a hyper-stimulated state. This is called hyperarousal. Stimulated brain means your mind is on high alert. He hasn’t got a chance to rest before sleeping. It stops the process of formation of sleep pressure. When you are continuously awake during the day, neurochemicals and hormones in the brain increase in concentration.

Sleep prevents the brain from over-stimulating and causing bursting pain.

Matt Jones, professor of neuroscience at the University of Bristol, says that with the pressure of sleep, neurons in the outer layer of the brain ie your cerebral cortex generate rapid excitation during wakefulness. Sleep resets your sleep pressure. Sleep prevents the brain from over-stimulating and causing bursting pain. The condition of hyperarousal affects the locus coeruleus, a small part of the brainstem. In order to go to sleep, it is necessary to slow down the activities of this part of the brain. If there are unusual and fast activities in this part, then sleep goes away. According to Jones, if you are regularly tired and unable to sleep, then the next night you will go through trouble again.

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How to overcome extreme fatigue?
If after being very tired at night, your mind comes in a state of hyperarousal as soon as you lay your head on the pillow, then understand that you have not yet completed any important work of the day. Dr. Alex Scott, a psychology spokesperson at Kiel University, says that in the present era as humans we are generally very bad at controlling our emotions and dealing with things that happen to us. In other words, we are unable to think positively about our feelings at the end of the day. We let things get out of our control and ruminate on our worries in bed. Dr. Scott says that by sharing our worries with someone, we feel as an attempt to control the emotions. However, in reality we are not able to mold these thoughts positively. This is not good for good mental health.

You can reset your sleep with these methods as told by Dr. Scott…

accept the truth and write a diary
You yourself may not wish to sleep. In fact, the more you try, the more difficult it becomes to fall asleep. That is why it has been observed that the traditional methods of going to sleep do not prove to be effective in case of excessive fatigue. The first step, you have to accept that sleep is an automatic process. You won’t be able to sleep if you try. Instead, you should focus on those things which you can try and control. Second solution, you should make a habit of writing your worries and feelings in a diary. This will help you to go into deep sleep. According to Scott, this simple exercise regularly helps patients with sleep problems fall into deep sleep.

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If children also wake up more than their physical capacity, then they have difficulty in going to sleep.

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relax before going to sleep
Dr. Scott says to relax your mind before going to bed to sleep. For this, set an alarm one hour before your sleep. Use this hour before bed to relax and let your mind recover from emotional exhaustion. Everything done in this one hour will completely depend on you. If you like to read books, then you can study your favorite things. Some people can spend this time in writing a diary. If you like watching TV, then you can watch such a series, then it will help you to relax. This will increase your chances of going into deep sleep soon.

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