How does monkeypox spread, how different is it from the corona epidemic?

Monkeypox vs Covid 19 Facts: As soon as the world started getting relief from the effect of corona infection and people started returning to their old lifestyle, in the same way, Corona cases started increasing once again. Now the same situation is happening again that in a day, sometimes more than 15 thousand and sometimes more than 20 thousand new cases of corona infection are being reported. If the world could breathe a sigh of relief even after the corona vaccine was administered and even after the virus was less effective, monkeypox knocked and the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued alarm bells to all the countries of the world. Suggested to be alert.

The WHO declared monkeypox a global health emergency on 24 July. Monkeypox is also a viral disease like corona, which spreads infection rapidly from one person to another. Based on the data released by the United States Health Agency Center for Disease Control, so far patients infected with monkeypox have been found in 87 countries of the world and the number of these patients is 26 thousand 208. These are the cases in which this disease has been confirmed. While considering many patients as suspects, they are still being examined. Talking about India, so far 9 confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported in the country.

difference between monkeypox and corona infection

  • The corona virus usually enters the body from one person to another through respiration. In medical language, it is called acute respiratory syndrome. Whereas monkeypox is spread through the orthopoxvirus genus.
  • The corona virus spreads through breathing and droplets released from the respiratory tract of an infected person, which is infected with the virus, can go into the body of another person and infect him as well. Usually this virus enters the body of any person only through breathing. If the virus gets on the nose and mouth after using towels or other items used by the infected person, it can still spread the infection.
    Can spread infection.
  • Whereas monkeypox virus is usually spread in humans by coming in contact with animals. When a person touches an infected animal or eats meat of such animal, then he can become a victim of this infection. However, after this the infection can easily spread from one person to another.
  • The corona virus enters the body and attacks the body’s immunity by making millions of its copies. Whereas monkeypox virus occurs when the infected person comes in contact with pus, saliva or other fluid released from the body.
  • The virus that spreads corona infection has a single strand genetic material code, which is called RNA. Whereas the virus that spreads monkeypox has a double-stranded genetic code, which is related to DNA.

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