Hotel Room: Do you know why four pillows are always kept on the bed in the hotel?

Hotel Room: If you are fond of traveling and staying in hotels, then you must have noticed one thing that almost the same pattern of bed design is seen in hotels. As in most hotels the bed sheet is white. If you look a little more, you will also find that most hotels keep four pillows on the bed. Have you ever wondered why hotels keep four pillows on the bed? Today we will tell you the answer to this question.

The hotel management does this so that the guests feel luxury when they enter the room. Four pillows provide extra comfort to the guest. Four pillows help to get a good night’s sleep. Sitting on the bed with so many pillows and relaxing gives a different feeling. That’s why hotel managers try to keep four pillows on their beds whenever a guest arrives.

Keep these things in mind before using the hotel bed
Take a good look at the bedsheet. There should be no dirt or any stain on it. If so, replace it immediately. Also check the bed sheet, it should be clean.

Lift the bed pillows and see if there is any stuff under them. It is possible that some travel luggage has been left behind.

Things to keep in mind while booking a hotel room online:-
Don’t book a hotel just by looking at the website. Call the hotel and ask every detail once. Room size as described.

Read complete information about check in and check out carefully. Keep in mind that sometimes complete information about this is not given on the website.

While booking a hotel, read its reviews, you will get a lot of information from it.

Compare when booking hotels online. You might find a better deal at another hotel.

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