Honda to Launch New Activa 6G with Digital Console And Connectivity Features


Honda, which is one of the big two-wheeler companies, has told that it does not have plans to bring Activa 7G soon. However, the company says that it will update the Activa 6G with new features. The Activa has been the best-selling scooter for Honda in the two-wheeler market in the country. It has received very good response from the customers.

Atsushi Ogata, Managing Director and CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, revealed that the Activa 6G will be updated with a digital instrument cluster and connectivity features. This will help the company to maintain its position in the market. Earlier this year, Honda launched the new Activa 6G. The company’s H-Smart technology has been given in this. This is the new premium variant of Activa. in the two-wheeler market activa Already the most popular scooter. Its initial price was kept at Rs 74,536 (ex-showroom).

It was made available in three variants of Standard, Deluxe and Smart, priced at Rs 74,536, Rs 77,036 and Rs 80,537 (ex-showroom) respectively. The company claims that a smart find feature has been given in this scooter, so that the user can search the scooter using the smart key. With this key, the user can lock and unlock the scooter without using the physical key. This key can start the engine of the scooter when it is within a radius of two meters. It also has an engine start and stop switch.

The company recently launched the Shine 100 motorcycle in the country. It is the most affordable motorcycle from Honda. Its price is Rs 64,900. It has been specially designed for everyday use in urban traffic. Next year, the company plans to launch its first electric scooter. The sales of electric scooters are increasing rapidly in the country and due to this Honda is planning to launch a few models in this segment. Honda plans to use its 6,000 outlets across the country EV The same has to be done for charging infrastructure. Companies like Ola Electric and Ather have a major stake in the electric two-wheeler segment.

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