Heroin worth 40 crore recovered in Fazilka: 2 drug smugglers arrested


Fazilka police have arrested two persons along with heroin worth Rs 40 crore from India-Pakistan border of Punjab. About 9 kg 397 grams of heroin has been recovered from both the smugglers. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the consignment came to India via a drone from Pakistan. The consignment reached Jalalabad via international border. The Jalalabad police station has registered a case in this regard. Fazilka SSP Avneet Kaur said that the police is investigating the matter.

The SSP said that the police station in-charge Sadar was patrolling with his team. In village Santokh Singh Wala, the informant said that a person named Amandeep Singh had ordered heroin from Pakistan through a drone, which he had taken on two bikes. If patrolling and blockade is done in village Prabhat Singh Wala, Sabjake Dhandi Kadeem in the border area, then they can be controlled. After this, the police started investigation and camped at village Dhandi Kadim at 11:50 am on Saturday morning.

When 2 were caught, the consignment and 5 smugglers were recovered
According to the SSP, during patrolling and checking in the village, the police arrested two smugglers, Gurpreet Singh and Hoshiar Singh. On the spot, 9 kg 387 grams of heroin, a Platina motorcycle number PB37D-3036, 2 mobiles of Real Me Company, 3 bags, a blinking ball, 2 rubber toys were recovered from him. After this, a case was registered under sections 21, 23, 28, 29 of the NDPS Act against Amandeep Singh resident of Dhandi Kadeem, Baggu Singh, Binder Singh resident of Prabhat Singh Wala, Gurpreet Singh alias Gauri resident of Dhani Phula Ram and Hoshiar Singh resident of Prabhat Singh Wala. . A case under 30 has been registered in Jalalabad Police Station Sadar.

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