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Summer season has started and women have started picking out their favorite clothes. At the same time, the demand for waxing is also going to increase rapidly. Usually the body is covered in winter, so people consider it more appropriate to avoid waxing due to cold. But as soon as summer starts, waxing comes back in trend. Along with flaunting the body, women get waxing done to prevent sweat rashes, itching, body acne, etc.

During waxing, before and after even a small amount of carelessness can cause major problems for your skin. That’s why it is always very important to know about pre and post vaccine care tips before getting waxed. So at the beginning of this summer season, we have brought for you, Pre and post waxing care tips so that your skin remains healthy and you do not have to face any kind of trouble due to waxing.

Take special care of these things before wax

1. Keep a gap of at least 2 to 3 weeks between body waxing

Shahnaz Hussain, founder and director of Shahnaz Hussain Group and beautician, says that if your hair growth is incomplete then the wax does not hold the hair completely. Along with this, wax has to be applied on the skin again and again, which is not suitable for the skin. So keep a gap of at least two to three weeks between waxing sessions. However, a longer gap is also not advisable as it can cause excruciating pain.

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2. It is necessary to exfoliate

It is very important to exfoliate the skin before waxing. But keep in mind that do not exfoliate too much, gently massage the skin with light hands. By doing this the wax grabs only the hair and not the skin. On the other hand, due to excessive exfoliation of the skin, the skin feels a lot of pain during waxing.

3. Do not use moisturizer on the day of waxing

According to Shahnaz Hussain, skin hair does not come out easily by using moisturizer on the skin. At the same time, due to this, wax has to be used repeatedly on the skin. That’s why do not use any kind of moisturizer before wax. This loosens the hold of the wax. If you want to moisturize the skin, then you can apply water based oil free moisturizer.

4. It is important to know about the wax used

Before using any waxing product, it is very important to have proper information about it. So whether you are getting wax done at home or outside, do not forget to get proper information about waxing products. If you do not find wax suitable, then choose wax according to your skin.

Waxing options are available
There are many types of e-waxing options available. Image: shutterstock

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How to take care of skin after waxing

1. Always remember the 48 hour rule

According to experts, try to keep the skin clean and dry for 48 hours after waxing. Along with this, avoid using any chemical-rich product. Also don’t exfoliate and avoid sunlight. Completely avoid synthetic clothes and steam bath.

2. Cold compress will help

Wax is very hot, so sometimes after waxing, small bumps appear on some parts of women’s skin. In such a situation, cold compress ie ice pack is helpful in reducing the bumps and redness on the skin. At the same time there is no itching and rashes. That’s why always after half an hour of waxing put an ice cube in a cotton cloth and apply it on the skin.

3. Don’t go swimming

Do not go to the swimming pool for about 48 hours after waxing. Swimming pool water is chlorinated. On the other hand, after waxing, the skin becomes more sensitive and going into chlorinated flowers increases the risk of infection, itching, rashes, etc. Also avoid taking sauna and spa bath.

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It is important to wear the right clothes. Image: shutterstock

4. Wear cotton clothes

Do not wear synthetic clothes after waxing, especially in the summer season. Shahnaz Hussain recommends wearing cotton and loose fitting clothes. Because the skin becomes sensitive after waxing and wearing synthetic clothes does not allow air to pass through and leads to sweating. Excessive sweating is also not advisable. Because the hair follicles of the skin are open, bacteria can easily enter the pores due to sweating during this time.

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