Here are 7 side effects of carbonated drinks.

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As soon as the summer season starts, the demand for carbonated drinks i.e. soft drinks also starts increasing rapidly. Various types of soft drinks are available in the market in different flavours. People like it very much. In summer people make it a part of their regular routine and drink it once a day. Be it a birthday party or an office party, it cannot happen without carbonated drinks. The more people like it, the more it is harmful to their health. Especially its consumption is more harmful for the stomach (side effects of carbonated drinks). In such a situation, to keep yourself healthy this summer, try to avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible.

HealthShots consulted Dr Upasana Sharma, Head Clinical Nutritionist, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Max Hospital Gurugram, on the side effects of carbonated drinks. He has told about some important side effects associated with it. So let’s know, how it is harmful for health (side effects of carbonated drinks).

1. Increased risk of diabetes and other metabolic syndrome

Refined sugar is found in carbonated drinks. At the same time, there is no nutritional element present in it. In such a situation, the level of blood glucose in the body increases rapidly due to the consumption of empty calorie carbonated drinks. Due to which you feel hungry again and again and also feel tired. Its regular consumption increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is dangerous. images adobestock

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2. Causes dehydration

Generally, people drink carbonated drinks in summer to quench their thirst. But actually consuming it dehydrates your body. Due to its use, there is a need to go to the bathroom again and again. On the other hand, excessive urination is not suitable for you because it completely removes the water from your body.

3. Damages teeth

According to Dr. Upasana, regular consumption of carbonated drinks can be harmful for dental health. The interaction of calcium and carbonated drinks is not at all appropriate. Along with this, the amount of acid present in soft drinks weakens the enamel and in such a situation, tooth decay starts.

There can be problems related to kidney. Image: shutterstock

4. Affects kidney health

Excessive consumption of soft drinks can badly affect the kidneys. It helps in detoxing the body. In such a situation, due to its influence, the risk of other types of problems in the body increases. According to doctors, the kidney flushes acidic drinks such as carbonated drinks and soft drinks from your body. In such a situation, the excess of these acidic drinks can cause kidney stones.

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5. Affects sleep

The caffeine present in soft drinks is highly addictive. Along with this, it increases the production of adrenaline. Consuming soft drinks on a regular basis completely spoils the quality of your sleep. Because of this, many types of problems are seen in the body. Also, it is not at all appropriate for digestion.

Acidity ban can cause cancer
Acidity can cause cancer. Image: shutterstock

6. Can cause acidity and heartburn

Consumption of carbonated soft drinks causes bleaching. In such a situation, food and stomach acid come back into the food pipe, due to which problems like heartburn and sour belching occur. On the other hand, acid and soda irritate the lining of the stomach and promote acid reflux.

7. May Cause Premature Aging

According to the doctor, the phosphates used in making these drinks and other processed foods such as refined sugar act to promote the aging process. It is not only responsible for wrinkles but also for other skin related problems. Along with this, its excessive consumption also increases the risk of diseases related to kidney and heart.

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