Helicopter Crashed: Indian Army’s Cheetah helicopter crashed in Arunachal Pradesh, search for pilots continues

Indian Army Cheetah Helicopter Has crashed near Mandla hill area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh. Army sources said, a search operation has been started to find the pilots.

The Cheetah helicopter lost contact with the ATC at around 09:15 am.

Lt Col Mahendra Rawat, PRO Defense Guwahati said, Army Aviation Cheetah helicopter flying an operational sortie near Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh was reported to have lost contact with ATC at around 09:15 am today. The accident was reported near Mandla, west of Bomdila. Rescue operation to search parties

Army helicopter has crashed in Arunachal Pradesh earlier also

In October last year, an Indian Army helicopter crash are done. In which five army soldiers were martyred. The accident happened near Singing village of Arunachal Pradesh. Army helicopter Rudra had crashed. There were 5 people including two pilots in the helicopter.

Army helicopter crashed on October 5 as well

On October 5 last year, another army helicopter crashed. At that time also the Cheetah helicopter of the army had crashed. In which a soldier was martyred. There have been 14 accidents in Arunachal Pradesh since 1995. In which more than 47 people have died.

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