Heartbreak is not just mental illness, cases of broken heart syndrome are on the rise among young people Heartbreak is not just mental illness cases of broken heart syndrome are on the rise among young people Punjabi news


Broken Heart Syndrome (Pic Credit: Tv9Hindi.com)

Heartbreak is often considered a phrase. Anyone can get heartbroken over anything. If any unpleasant incident happens in one's life then one becomes completely emotionally broken. It's emotional the heart (Heart) The breakdown of the heart also affects our heart due to which the functioning of the heart is affected, which is called broken heart syndrome or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in medical language. It happens to anyone at any age.

When was this disease identified?

Senior cardiologist Dr. Varun Bansal says that this disease was first reported in 1990. Japan (Japan) was understood in In this state, due to any unpleasant incident due to which you have suffered a deep emotional injury, you are very angry or in a major problem, our body suddenly releases hormones, due to which the heart suddenly weakens, any such Could be the reason. Of the emotional or physical kind. Stress can also occur.

This problem is different from heart blockage

Dr. Varun Bansal says that it is not a blockage of the heart's arteries but rather a decrease in the heart's function, which is why your ECG shows a difference instead of a normal heart rate. To improve the functioning of the heart for this condition medicines (Medicines) are given, but the good thing is that this problem can be cured in 1 to 4 weeks.

Causes of broken heart syndrome

As mentioned earlier, this disease is caused by a deep emotional injury, so there is a reason behind it

– Severe stress

– Death of a loved one

– Financial loss or fraud

– Very deep anger

– Serious accident

Cases of broken heart syndrome are increasing among young people.

Dr. Varun Bansal says that nowadays cases of this disease are being seen more among the youth because today's youth are living a very stressful life and are also emotionally weak, due to which they have a lot of anger and anxiety. Because they break down emotionally. This affects their heart health.

In case of broken heart syndrome, a person may face several complications which include

– Weakness of the heart

– The heart is not working properly

– Clot in the heart

– Heart failure

– and sometimes the person dies.

Prevention of broken heart syndrome

Dr. Varun Bansal says that there is only one way to avoid this problem and that is to live a stress-free life. So to avoid this stay stress free and keep your heart healthy and don't forget to exercise daily.