Health Tips: Eating these fruits and vegetables raw can harm you


Health News: Many people also eat raw salads with some vegetables to stay healthy. However, salads and some raw vegetables are also very beneficial for health. But did you know that eating too many fruits and vegetables raw can also harm you. Even you may have many diseases.

Many raw vegetables and fruits are also very difficult to digest. In such a situation, these vegetables also cause infection in the stomach. Let’s find out which fruits and vegetables you should not eat raw.

1- leaf cabbage, cabbage and broccoli– You should not accidentally eat cabbage family vegetables raw. Many people eat broccoli and cabbage in salads. But it can cause gas and indigestion in your stomach. Some people also eat cabbage raw. which is harmful. In fact, these vegetables contain a type of sugar that does not dissolve in the stomach without cooking. So it is advised to cook and eat them.

2- Mushroom– Some people also eat raw mushrooms as a salad. But this is wrong, cooking mushrooms gives you nutrients. You can also eat it grilled. Grilled mushrooms increase potassium content.

3- Guar pods– Guar pods contain amino acids, so eating them raw can cause a lot of damage to the body. You should never eat beans raw.

4- Rajma and beans– If you eat raw beans or rajma, you may have problems like vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, rajma or bean should never be eaten uncooked. Raw beans contain many toxic, glycoprotein lectins.

5- Eggplant and potato– You should not eat eggplant and potato raw. It can harm your stomach. Eating raw eggplant can cause vomiting, dizziness or stomach cramps. Solanine found in brinjal causes neurological and gastrointestinal problems due to gas problems, while raw potatoes contain toxic solanine. Which causes stomach gas, vomiting, headache and digestive problems. So potatoes and brinjal should always be cooked.

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