Health Minister PC-PNDT to improve gender ratio in the state. Act strictly enforced orders

In view of the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann showing seriousness towards the declining gender ratio in some districts of the state, Punjab Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Balbir Singh today directed the health officials to take appropriate steps to improve the sex ratio in the state. For this purpose he has ordered to ensure strict compliance of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act in the state.

Following the guidelines of the Cabinet Minister, Director Health Services (Family Welfare) Dr. Ravinder Pal Kaur, who is PC-PNDT. The State Appropriate Authority has also designated Chairman, constituted an Inter-District Team of Health Officers to implement the Act.

The team members were asked to conduct a detailed inspection of all ultrasound scan facilities in Gurdaspur, the worst performing district in terms of gender ratio. According to the Civil Registration System (CRS) report of 2021-2022, the sex ratio of Gurdaspur district was 887 compared to the overall sex ratio of 926 in the state.
Dr. Ravinder Pal Kaur said that strict instructions have been issued to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) and health workers for registration of pregnancy within the first trimester, which greatly reduces the possibility of gender selection as the pregnant woman is given her birth certificate. Tracked throughout the pregnancy period.
Referring to the positive results of the efforts of the health department, Dr. Balbir Singh said that the sex ratio of 10 districts of Punjab is now higher than the state average sex ratio of 926, with SBS Nagar and Rupnagar districts topping the list with ratios of 948 and 946 respectively. He said that we will continue to strive to improve the gender ratio across the state till the scourge of infanticide is eradicated from the state.

Giving further information, the Health Minister said that a total of 1861 ultrasound scan centers are registered in the state and decoy operations (sting operations) are being conducted repeatedly by the department to ensure that any ultrasound scan center PC-PND. .T. Cannot violate the Act. Apart from this, inspections are being done by the concerned district authorities. If any Scan Center PC-PNDT If found violating the provisions of the Act, the Punjab Government will immediately cancel the registration of that scan center.
It is to be noted that in order to change the behavior and mentality of the people, IEC is conducted by the health department from time to time. Activities are being done so that they do not discriminate between boys and girls. Gifts are given to newborn baby girls in hospitals across Punjab to celebrate their birthdays on Lohri and Navratras. In this regard, a state-level Lohri event was also organized at Patiala this year. Along with this, seminars and awareness activities are also conducted throughout the year.

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