Haven’t eaten sweets for 27 years, have taken only 3 holidays in 18 years, John Abraham revealed many secrets!

Have not eaten sweets for 27 years
John Abraham, who arrived on Shilpa Shetty’s show Shape of You, told that he has not eaten sweets for the last 27 years, especially his favorite Kaju Katli. According to John Abraham, nothing is more dangerous than sugar. If there is anything more harmful than cigarettes, it is sugar, so for the last 27 years, John gave up sweet food. This is when he started his career. 

Took only 3 holidays in 18 years
John Abraham told another special thing related to himself that he has taken only 3 holidays in the last 18 years. However, he does not consider his decision to be right at all. According to him, everyone should take a break. It’s very boring what they did. Now soon John Abraham is going to be seen in Attack Movie. In which he will be seen in the role of Super Soldier. This is a unique experiment in itself which is going to happen in Bollywood. In this film, John will be in the role of a soldier who has become more powerful with the help of technology. The film is based on a true incident which is going to be released in theaters on April 1. The film will also star Jacqueline Fernandez and Rakul Preet Singh.  

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