Hackers’ backs will be broken, with Google’s new feature, private data will now be able to be removed from search results

Tech giant Google has amended its privacy policy, which will now give users the option to delete their personal data from search results. Now users can get their personal information including phone number, email address, photo and name removed. This type of personal information (PII) will be removed from search engine results. If you want to remove this type of information, then you will have to send a request to Google for this. Let us tell you that Google had given the option of request to the users to remove personal information from the search, but now it has been expanded.

The new Google privacy policy aims to reduce the scope for malicious groups or hackers to steal personal information that can harm people. In this way, the efforts of identity theft, tracking and other financial fraud can be reduced. Earlier users could request Google to remove personal data from search results, but this only included ID numbers, banking information, signature photos and even medical records. The Security section in the Google Play Store was one of the security measures put in place by Google.

Therefore, the current approach expands the coverage of privacy-related and personal data that can be protected from appearing in search results. In addition to physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, users can enhance their security from hackers and block access to their login credentials. Users can visit the Google Support page to kickstart the registration of URLs containing their PII, which should be banned from appearing in search results. For this topic, users can login up to 1 thousand websites.

When users request for removal of information, it is first checked by Google. If the request is accepted, Google will remove URLs containing personal personal information from all search results. This process can be more robust, as public information can be restricted from search results. The need for a dynamic policy to protect users was highlighted in a statement by Google’s Global Policy Lead for Search, Michelle Chang. In such a situation, it was emphasized that before accepting any request for removal of search results, Google will use a strong mechanism.

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