Gujarat: Another young man died of heart attack while playing cricket, fourth death due to heart attack in 20 days

For the last few months, the news of the death of youths due to heart attack has been continuously circulating. Incidents of sudden death are becoming common while dancing in wedding ceremony or during workout in gym, in this sequence the latest case has come to light from Rajkot in Gujarat where a young man died due to heart attack while playing cricket. Tell that, the fourth incident of heart attack while playing cricket has come to light in Rajkot. So far in Rajkot, four youths have died due to heart attack in the last 20 days.

Heart attack while sitting on the chair during the game

Please tell that Jignesh Chauhan had also scored 30 runs while playing cricket at the Race Course ground in Rajkot. During the game, Jignesh suddenly suffered a heart attack while sitting on the chair. After this, Jignan was immediately taken to the civil hospital for treatment, where the doctors declared him brought dead. Jignesh Chauhan was associated with media at the local level, Jignesh also has a 2 year old daughter.

Fourth death in 20 days due to heart attack during cricket

This is the fourth death in Rajkot district due to heart attack in 20 days. Earlier on February 15, a young man returning after playing cricket had died of a heart attack. On February 15, a man named Bharat suddenly fainted while returning after playing cricket at Shastri Maidan in Rajkot with his relatives and friends. That’s why he was referred to Civil Hospital through 108 for immediate treatment. But the young man died before getting treatment. Earlier on January 30, it was revealed in two separate incidents that two youths had died of heart attack while playing cricket and football.

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