Great news! Tata to have Air India again after 68 years: report


Tata is going to buy state-owned Air India. According to the report, the panel has selected the Tata Group for Air India. Ajay Singh of Tata Group and SpiceJet had bid for Air India.

According to the report, the government may announce it soon. To Tata Owned by Air India from December Can be found. Let me tell you if. R. D. Tata Airlines was founded by Tata in 1932. Air services were suspended during World War II. When the airlines were revived, on July 29, 1946, the name of Tata Airlines was changed to Air India Limited. After independence, in 1947, 49 per cent stake in Air India was taken over by the government. It was nationalized in 1953.

Tata to have Air India
Tata to have Air India

In response to a question in Parliament, the government had said that as per the provisional figures for the financial year 2019-20, Air India has a total debt of Rs 38,366.39 crore. The amount comes after the transfer of Rs 22,064 crore to Air India Assets Holding Limited’s Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). As on March 31, 2020, Air India’s total fixed assets stood at about Rs 45,863.27 crore. The government had said in Parliament that the interests of Air India employees would be taken into consideration on the basis of guidance. At the same time, they will be kept completely safe.

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