Great news for SBI account holders, now you will get many benefits including transactions


If you have a business and you transact every day, you need a current account. State Bank of India, India’s largest public sector bank Offer benefits Is doing One of the special accounts is SBI Gold Current Account. In this, the bank is giving many benefits to its customers. If you also want to open this account then let us know the benefits of this account.

Great news for SBI account
Great news for SBI account

Benefits of SBI Gold Current Account:
1. Your average monthly balance in Gold Current account with State Bank of India is Rs. 1,00,000.
2. You can deposit Rs. 25 lakhs in this account every month for free.
3. You will be provided a check book of 300 multicity pages every month.
4. If you want to transfer money online, you can do RTGS and NEFT for free.
5. You can get 50 free demand draft facility every month.
6. You can withdraw cash from your home branch without any charge.
7. You can withdraw and deposit money in over 22,000 SBI branches.
8. You will be able to avail the most secure and fast corporate internet banking facility here.
9. In this you will get monthly statement of current account for free.
10. If you wish, you can also transfer your existing account to another branch.

Great news for SBI account
Great news for SBI account

By opening this special account you will be able to deposit up to Rs. 5 lakh per day in the non-home branch while you will be able to withdraw unlimited free cash in the home branch. Not only this, the account holder himself can withdraw Rs. 1 lakh daily from the non-home branch. Gold current account has to pay 550+ GST.

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