Great news for bank account holders, increase in interest rates on fixed deposits


This is good news for HDFC Bank customers. The bank has hiked interest rates on Fixed Deposits (FDs). From December 1, F.C. The increase in interest rates on DJs has been implemented. It is to be mentioned that these interest rates will be applicable on less than Rs 2 crore.

Rise in interest rates
Rise in interest rates

The bank D. Rates have been increased by up to 0.10 per cent. According to the latest amendments, 2.50 per cent on deposits between 7 and 29 days and Rs. D. Will get 3% interest.

Deposits from 91 days to 6 months will earn 3.5 per cent interest. The bank will pay 4.4 per cent interest on FDs maturing in one year for a period of less than one year from 6 months to 1 day and 4.9 per cent.

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HDFC Bank has increased the fixed deposit maturing in one year and two years by 0.10 per cent. These deposits will now earn 5 per cent interest.

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The interest rate on FDs maturing in 2 to 3 years will be 5.15 per cent, while the interest on maturities from 3 to 5 years has been increased to 5.35 per cent. Deposits maturing between 5 and 10 years will earn 5.50 per cent interest.


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