Great gift for railway passengers: now all special trains will run as before, fares will be reduced by 30%

All trains with higher fares will now run under the old name and number due to the special tag during the Corona. The Ministry of Railways has announced huge relief to the passengers. The ministry said the corona round All trains converted into special trains during the year will now run as before. Now the fares of these trains will be reduced by about 30 per cent.

Great gift for railway passengers

Following the reduction in the number of Kovid-19 cases, the Ministry of Railways decided in a meeting on Friday to resume train operations under the pre-Kovid (before Corona) schedule. The Railway Board has also issued a circular for the operation of special trains as before. The circular was issued late Friday evening. According to the circular, with the new guidelines, all trains will now run at normal fares. According to a railway official, the second category of such trains will continue to run without any delay. Passengers traveling in these special trains will still have to pay 30 per cent extra fare.

Great gift for railway passengers
Great gift for railway passengers

The central government had announced a lockdown in March last year due to an increase in Corona cases. Earlier, trains were suspended. About 1700 express trains were affected. Later, the railways gradually resumed operations but all the trains were running with special tags with full reservations. About 30 per cent extra fare was being charged on these trains, which was affecting the pockets of ordinary passengers.

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