Govt reduces excise duty on foreign Scotch whiskey by 50 per cent

Imported Scotch whiskey has become cheaper. The Maharashtra government has reduced the rate of excise duty on imported Scotch whiskey by 50 per cent. This would make the price of liquor in the state equal to that of other states. A senior official gave this information on Monday.

Maharashtra cuts excise duty

The excise duty on Scotch whiskey has been reduced from 300 to 150 per cent of the production cost, the official said. A notification to this effect has been issued on Monday, the official said.

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The Maharashtra government earns an annual income of Rs 100 crore from the sale of imported Scotch. The official said that with this reduction, the government’s revenue is expected to increase to Rs 250 crore, as it would increase the sales from one lakh bottles to 2.5 lakh bottles.

Maharashtra cuts excise duty
Maharashtra cuts excise duty

Explain that excise duty is calculated on a per unit basis. That is, if you buy a liter of liquor, you have to pay a fixed excise duty of Rs. The official said the reduction in excise duty would also curb smuggling of Scotch from other states and sale of counterfeit liquor.

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