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Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has called off the pen cutting strike from across the state after the written meeting letter of 6 June 2023 with the DC Office Employees Union was issued.

Giving information about this, State President of DC Office Employees Union Punjab, Tejinder Singh Nangal, said that regarding the very important demands of the employees of DC offices for a long time, the office of the Chief Minister of Punjab has given a panel to the union at Punjab Bhavan on June 6, 2023. The letter of the meeting has been issued.
Nangal said that he hoped that the demands of the DC office workers would be fulfilled in this meeting. President Tejinder Singh Nangal said that after receiving the written letter of the meeting, the pen cutting strike in all the DC offices is ended and work has been started in the offices as usual.

Let it be said that today the employees of DC, SDM office and Tehsil had announced pen-cutting strike. The leaders of the Ministerial Staff Union said that the Chief Minister had promised a meeting with them during the elections but now they are refusing. Their meeting has been cancelled. The union leaders had said that the ministerial staff posted in the DC offices across the state will remain on strike.

These were the demands of the employees

According to Dainik Bhaskar’s report, the employees have demanded restoration of old pension from the government, pending DA, confirmation of raw employees, additional benefit of 90-4-14 service period, filling vacant superintendent vacant posts in departments, posts as per 1995 terms in tehsils. The demand includes filling up, posting of section officers in DC offices, giving promotion to employees, giving allowances to employees working in DC offices.

Punjab government is working on 2 demands among them. A committee was constituted to implement the old pension, based on whose recommendations it will be implemented. But the Hon’ble government had announced the implementation of the old pension in the cabinet meeting on Diwali, but in 6 months only the committee has been formed and no further work has been done on it. Anyway, implementing the old pension is not easy for the state government without the help of the center while the central government is not helping it.

On the other hand, a committee of 3 ministers was formed to confirm raw employees, their recommendations were approved by the cabinet, but so far the government has not taken any decision on that. They have certainly come to the fore that the formula prepared by the Hon’ble government to fix the raw employees has a condition of 10 years. This means that up to 10 employees have worked at least.

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