Government employees on strike from May 18 to May 23


Work will be halted in government offices today, employees on strike from May 18 to May 23

DC, SDM and Tehsil officers on strike: The work in DC, SDM and Tehsil offices will be stopped from today. There will be no work in any of the above offices from today. All the employees of these offices are on strike from May 18 to May 23. The employees have announced a strike.

The leaders of the Ministerial Staff Union say that during the elections, the Chief Minister himself had given them the time of the meeting. But now they have backtracked on the promise. Their meeting was cancelled. Union leaders said that ministerial staff posted in DC offices and other offices across the state will remain on strike.

CPF employees will also join the strike. The employees have demanded restoration of old pension from the government, payment of arrears of DA, confirmation of raw employees as promised, additional benefits of service time of 90-4-14, filling up of vacant posts of superintendents in departments, It has demanded filling up of vacancies in tehsils as per 1995 conditions, posting of section officers in DDC offices, giving promotion to employees, giving administrative allowance to employees working in DY offices etc.

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