Good news for farmers! Fertilizer prices will not increase

Fertilizer Prices: Major decisions were approved in the meeting of the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that the Cabinet has decided that the government will not increase the prices of fertilizers. The Cabinet has approved a fertilizer subsidy of Rs 1.08 lakh crore for the kharif season. The government will spend Rs 70,000 crore on urea and Rs 38,000 crore on D-ammonium phosphate (DAP).

Minister Mansukh Mandavia further said that it is important for our government that the farmers of the country get fertilizers on time and they do not have to bear the burden due to the difference in the prices of fertilizers in the international market. Let us tell you that last year in the budget of the government, 2.56 lakh crore rupees were spent on fertilizer subsidy.

The price of fertilizer will not increase

Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that 325 to 350 lakh metric tonnes of urea is used in the country. 100 to 125 lakh metric tonnes of DAP and NPK are used. 50-60 lakh metric tonnes of MOP is used. The Modi government increased the subsidy so that farmers could get fertilizer on time, but the MRP did not increase. For kharif crops, the government has decided that the government of India will not increase the price of fertilizers.

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