Good news: 10 gram gold price falls to Rs 8,500 from record, silver also gets cheaper


In view of the trend of precious metals prices in the global market, the M / s. Was. X. On the other hand, gold and silver prices saw a slowdown. Gold was trading at Rs 47,889 per ten grams, while silver was trading at Rs 61,192 per kg.

10 gram gold price falls
10 gram gold price falls

Investment in gold has been on the rise recently due to Omicron. However, prices are not so high. Gold prices have been falling for more than a month now as investors have been eyeing the central bank’s forthcoming policy. The price of gold had touched Rs 56,200 per ten grams in August last year, making it about Rs 8,500 cheaper, which is a good opportunity for buyers.

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Gold prices rose slightly in the global market. Gold was trading slightly lower at 7 1,778.79 an ounce. Silver was down 0.2 per cent at .3 22.31 an ounce. Gold weakened in global markets on the back of strong dollar and rising US bond yields. Let’s say that the strengthening of the dollar reduces the demand for gold, resulting in a fall in prices.

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