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Amritsar: Unidentified miscreants pelted stones on Golden Temple Mail Train No. 12903 coming from Mumbai to Amritsar on Saturday night. Although there was no loss of life due to this, but due to the accident, the passengers inside the vehicle created an atmosphere of complacency. After reaching Amritsar at 11.23 pm, the railway police has started investigating the matter. According to the information, the train left Mumbai on May 12.

On the night of May 13, this train left Beas railway station at 12.45. After a few minutes, the sound of stone pelting started on the train. The situation became more sensitive when stones were pelted on the windows of AC coaches B1 and B2 of the train.

Praveen Jain, who is coming from Mumbai to Amritsar, said that due to the incident, many windows of AC coaches B1 and B2 of the train were broken. There was no harm to the passengers due to the double layer glass in the train. The outer layers of the windows were broken, but the inner panes suffered only cracks. Due to which passengers were saved from getting hurt. If the interior glass were also broken, the passengers inside could be injured by the glass and stones.

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