Gold prices could cross Rs 1 lakh Gold rate will double in 5 years

There is a lot of speculation about gold prices, but Diego Perilla’s prediction has managed a quadriga ignio fund, which has created a sensation.

He estimates that gold will reach 3,000-5,000 over the next three to five years Access to dollars per ounce Can This is good news for those who want to invest in gold.

Gold prices could cross

Although gold prices are still sluggish in the domestic market, experts here have predicted that gold prices will cross Rs 60,000 this year. Not only that, gold is also expected to touch Rs 52,000 by Diwali.

If Diego Perella’s prediction is applied in the context of India, in the next three years, the price of gold in India will go up from Rs 78,690 to Rs 1,31,140 per 10 grams. Over the last few weeks, gold has been hovering between Rs 47,000-48,000. USB Group strategists say gold will fall further this year and could reach 44,600. This decline will continue in 2022.

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