From Royal Enfield’s Cheap Bullet to the Fantastic Classic 350 all failed, sales plummeted

Royal Enfield Cheap Bullet: The country’s leading bicycle manufacturer, Royal Enfield, has released a report on vehicles sold in April. The impact of the Corona epidemic has clearly been felt on the company’s sales, which have seen a decline of about 19 percent. Royal Anfield Has sold a total of 53,298 vehicles in April. Of which 48,789 units have been exported in the domestic market and 4,509 units have been exported. Please note that this time we have compared the sales of vehicles from the month of March this year instead of April last year. This is because the lockout was imposed across the country in April last year and the company had recovered only 91 vehicles during that time. In March this year, Royal Enfield sold 66,058 vehicles. In that sense, sales fell 19% in April.

Royal Enfield Cheap Bullet

To improve its hold in the international market, Royal Enfield recently launched its popular cruiser bike Meter 350 in the US market. The bike has also recently been introduced in the Indian market, which is available in three variants in total. In addition, the company is going to introduce some more new models to improve its vehicle portfolio.

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