From next gen Scorpio to XUV 700, Mahindra will launch 9 great SUVs confirmed by the company


The country’s leading automaker Mahindra & Mahindra has recently announced that it will launch 9 SUVs and MPVs in the Indian market by 2026. This has been confirmed by the company itself.

Although Mahindra has not disclosed the names of all the vehicles, the company has said that it will launch new vehicles such as the XUV 700, the new Scorpio, XUV 300, a brand Ni Bo Bolero and a 5-door. Popular off-roader Will present Thar. Apart from this, Mahindra has also revealed that it will first launch the XUV 700 in the list which will arrive later this year. However, the XUV 700 has been spotted on Indian roads several times during testing.

Scorpio to XUV 700
Scorpio to XUV 700

Next General Scorpio has already told you through many of its reports that testing of Next General Scorpio is ongoing in India and the company will launch it early next year.

Mahindra has also confirmed in its official statement that it will launch the new Scorpio next year. The pictures that came out during the testing showed that this SUV will be bigger in size than the current model. Not only that, according to reports, the off-roading capability of the new Scorpio has also been improved this time. At the same time, a lot of changes will be seen in its interior.

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