From marriage to divorce, this was the beautiful love story of Hrithik and Sussanne

Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Khan’s Love Story: The love story of Bollywood’s ‘Greek God’ Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan started at a traffic signal. According to media reports, one day Hrithik was driving. He saw a beautiful girl in the driving seat in a car to his left and lost his heart. After this both of them met at the engagement party of Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan.

According to media reports, Hrithik was surprised to see Sussanne Khan in the party, who looked very beautiful in the traditional look. Soon, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan became friends. To impress Suzanne, Hrithik used to write letters for her.

Despite the age difference of 4 years between Hrithik and Sussanne, their hearts started beating for each other. Soon, they started dating. Till that time Hrithik’s first film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai was not even released. According to media reports, Sussanne had paid the bill on her first date as Hrithik did not have money. This thing of Sussanne convinced Hrithik even more.

In an episode of ‘Koffee With Karan’, Sussanne revealed how Hrithik proposed her for marriage. He had told, ‘We both went on a coffee date one evening. While she was drinking coffee, she finally found something in her glass and it was not a ring but a band. Hrithik asked me if she would like to be with him forever?’ Susan also said yes immediately.

Then in January 2000, Hrithik Roshan’s first film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was released, which made him an overnight star. Hrithik broke the hearts of millions of girls by marrying Suzanne on 20 December 2000 in the same year. Let us tell you that Hrithik is a Hindu and Sussanne is a Muslim, but both of them neither married nor married in a Hindu way. Regarding this, Hrithik had said in an interview that, ‘We neither married nor married according to Hindu customs. Actually, we both always wanted a church marriage. I’ve seen them in movies! Church weddings look so cute.

At the same time, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan became parents to their first child on March 28, 2006, and on May 1, 2008, Sussanne gave birth to a second son. On 13 December 2013, just a week before their 13th wedding anniversary, Hrithik Roshan announced the end of his 17-year relationship with Sussanne Khan.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan’s divorce was finalized in Mumbai’s Family Court on 1 November 2014 after being separated for almost a year. However, the news of their divorce had surprised everyone. Even though both are divorced, but for the sake of their children, Hrithik and Sussanne are still seen supporting each other.

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