Find out the main reasons why cricket is not being included in the Olympics – Daily Post Punjabi


When it comes to sports in India, the image of cricket comes to mind. It seems like no other sport is played in the country except cricket. But the performance of the country’s athletes at the recent Tokyo Olympics has also boosted the country’s interest in other sports. In recent times, as many sports such as baseball, skateboarding and surfing have been included in the Olympics, there has been a debate as to why cricket, which has millions of religious followers in India, is not a part of it. .

In the midst of this uproar, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has applied for the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics and a board has been set up to work on the process of including cricket in the Olympic Games. Cricket is popular in only a few countries. In the big countries of the world like China, USA, France, Germany and Italy, no one knows or is interested in cricket from afar. No matter how much the ICC claims that there are over 1 billion cricket fans in the world, the reality is that cricket is loved only in Australia and the UK outside the Indian subcontinent. People in European countries are not happy to see bat and ball fighting.

Another reason for not including cricket in the Olympics is that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has authorized the host countries to include a new sport in the Olympics. The Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in 2024 in Paris, France and in 2028 in Los Angeles, USA. Neither of the two countries have major cricket stadiums nor is cricket popular in these countries. In order to host cricket events in the Olympics, good stadiums have to be built, which is a challenging task.


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