Exposing the gang who took money by blackmail, 2 arrested including a woman

Exposing the gang who took money by blackmail, 2 arrested including a woman


Mansa: Mansa police has busted a gang of blackmailers. A case has been registered by the Mansa police against five persons of a gang who blackmailed by making a video through honey trap. In which a woman and a man have been arrested by the police while three are still far from the police's custody from whom cash and checks have been recovered.

Mansa police has registered a case against 5 persons on the charge of blackmailing by making obscene videos. Two of them have been arrested, while three are still beyond the reach of the police. Daljit Singh, in-charge of police station City-2, said that Darshan Singh had complained that a year ago Jaspreet Kaur's wife Ravi Kumar, a resident of Mansa, had invited him to her house. When she was sitting in the room with Jaspreet Kaur, her husband made the video. Amar Singh, a resident of Dulowal, reached the spot and took cash of Rs 4.5 lakh after threatening to make the video viral.

A month ago, Amar Singh called again that after the death of Ravi Kumar, the video has come into the hands of Mahender Singh and Paramjit Singh. He threatened to file a rape case by registering Jaspreet Kaur's statement in the police station and again demanded 5 lakh rupees. This time also the matter was completed for three and a half lakh rupees.

Disturbed by these people, Darshan Singh complained to the police. The police investigation has revealed that these people blackmail the innocent people by trapping them in this way. Then the police registered a case and arrested two people including the woman. Cash worth Rs 2 lakh 70 thousand and checks worth Rs 80 thousand have also been recovered from these persons.