Enemy in terror…Leaving America behind, Japan made the world’s first gun machine that runs on electricity


Japan. Most of the countries of the world are now engaged in strengthening themselves in the field of defense. Japan has also followed the same path. Now in the middle of the war between Israel and Hamas Japan (Japan) has announced the Electric Gun Machine. It has been successfully tested by the Japanese Navy in collaboration with the Defense Agency ALTA. The agency has claimed that this rail gun has been tested for the first time in the country. ALTA has posted a video of this test being carried out from the ship on Twitter. Japan believes it can be used on both land and sea.

Train one Electromagnetic weapons (Electromagnetic weapons) is It works 7 times faster than the speed at which any sound reaches our ears. The special thing is that this gun uses electricity to destroy the target.

According to a Eurotimes report, Japan’s project for this 16 mm railgun was initiated in 1990 by the agency’s Ground Systems Research Center. In 2016, this agency developed a prototype of it. In 2018, video footage confirmed that Japan was preparing to build a railgun. ALTA has also given proof of this.

Speed ​​can be increased or decreased

The new weapon is more advanced than the type of weapon originally planned to be built by the railgun project. Defense Agency (Defense Agency) According to ALTA, it strikes the target at a speed of 2,230m/s. However, not much information has been given about it. According to the report, it can be determined at what speed the railgun will destroy its target.

This gun can be fitted in the truck

According to the report, ALTA is planning to install these railguns in a special type of truck. It will look exactly like how hypersonic missiles are designed. Interestingly, this railgun project was canceled by the Japanese government in 2020. With Japan’s missile defense system in mind, work on the project was resumed. Now Japan is thinking about preparing to work on long-range missiles. Although America has not yet been able to build a rail gun, but by doing so, Japan has certainly blown the sleep of enemy countries like China and North Korea.