E-Shram: CM Yogi Adityanath will send 1000 rupees to people’s account today, know who will get the benefit


E-Shram: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath (Yogi Adityanath) Today 1000-1000 rupees (1000 Rupees) will be sent to the account of 1.5 crore workers of UP. Today one thousand rupees will be sent to the account of workers registered on the e-shram portal. Under this scheme, there is a provision to send Rs 500-500 every month to the workers of the unorganized sector in Uttar Pradesh.

Under the scheme of providing maintenance allowance to 1.5 crore workers of Uttar Pradesh, the UP government has announced to give 500-500 rupees and it is being started from today. At present, an amount of 2 months will be sent to the workers and workers. In this way, today an amount of Rs 1000- 1000 is being given to the workers of UP in the form of maintenance allowance. In this way, the Yogi government of UP will send a total of Rs 1500 crore to the people with the help of direct benefit transfer.

UP government initiative
The maintenance allowance which will be given to the workers registered on the e-shram portal of the UP government, they had already registered themselves. Ever since the Yogi government announced this scheme, the number of people registering on the e-shram portal has increased rapidly. Under this, arrangements have been made to send money mainly to the account of workers and construction workers.

Registered Workers in Uttar Pradesh
The number of registered workers in Uttar Pradesh is around 5.09 crore and in the past, 3.81 crore workers in the unorganized sector have registered on the e-shram portal. If you also want to register yourself, then after completing the registration process by visiting https://eshram.gov.in/, you can take advantage of many schemes being given by the UP government and the central government.