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Kotakpura: PtThe sixth river of drugs flowing in Jab has destroyed the youth of the state. Drug overdose death has become a curse in Punjab. The youth of Punjab is ensnared by drugs. The number of drug overdose deaths in Punjab is continuously increasing. People’s houses are being deserted due to drugs, the latest news of this has come from Rishi Nagar located on Jalaleyana Road in Kotakpura. Where a young man died of drug overdose.

A syringe has also been recovered from his dead body. This is the second death in a week. This young man has been identified as 28-year-old Gagandeep. His family members said that their son was addicted to drugs and died of drug overdose.

There, the police say that the cause of death will be known after the post-mortem at Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital, Faridkot. According to information, some people of the village saw this young man unconscious and informed the police. People demanded that the government and the police should make sincere efforts to stop drugs.

It is a matter of concern that the youths are caught in the mire of drugs. The main reason for this is the sleeplessness of the governments, increasing unemployment, encouragement of drugs by singers, etc. It is necessary that the governments take concrete steps in this regard so that the youth of Punjab can be saved by removing the youth from drugs.

All organizations and youths need to unite so that people especially youths are made aware of its deadly consequences. Prevention of drugs is essential for the development of Punjab. Therefore, the government should take anti-drug measures seriously.


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